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Forum za pripadnike manje vidljivih delova populacije.
Transrodno, Interseksualno, Aseksualno, Queer, ...

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By Sanja Steppenwolfin
pa da.. I najbolji kuvari su muskarci, a klisee je da je zeni mesto u kuhinji :lol:

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By constantine
e zamisli da ga predstavis kao devojku mislim retko ko bi provalio da je musko

@sanja jel ovo za kuhinju nesto na moj racun? :D
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By Mariška
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Australia: Socialist Equality Party holds successful election meeting in Broadmeadows

By our reporters
23 November 2006

The Socialist Equality Party (SEP) held a well-attended public meeting on Tuesday in Broadmeadows as part of its campaign for the November 25 state election in Victoria.

The audience comprised a cross-section of workers, young people, pensioners and housewives from the working class electorate as well as other parts of Melbourne, many of whom had come across the SEP for the first time during the campaign. In attendance were immigrant workers from New Zealand, Chile, Sri Lanka, Iraq, Turkey and the former Yugoslavia.

The first speaker, SEP candidate Will Marshall, reviewed some of the experiences of the SEP’s campaign, noting the warmth with which it had been received by a wide range of people in the electorate, including Ford workers now confronted with the axing of hundreds of jobs.

The discussion extended long after the meeting formally ended. Some of those in attendance had already offered their assistance by distributing the SEP’s election manifestos and leaflets in the area. Others decided to join the campaign after coming to the meeting. Several participants spoke to the WSWS.

Andrej Pejic, 15, a secondary student at University High School had contacted the WSWS after discovering that Marshall was standing for Broadmeadows.

“The meeting raised important issues—the war in Iraq, the inequality in society, and attacks on democratic rights—and suggested the way to combat these problems is through building the socialist party. It was very clear. I understood what was being discussed because the talks were good and interactive.

“The meeting also explained the future for young people as their country goes to war and what it means for them. This is important,” he said.

Pejic immigrated to Australia with his mother following the NATO military assault on Yugoslavia.

“I started reading the WSWS last year, when I was searching a lot about history, particularly the history of socialism and communism. I was also thinking about questions raised by my mother about the war on the Balkans,” he said.

Cela vest na World Socialst Web Site (

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By LeDeNa_
Ne znam ali prelazim na ove deckice :D

Mariška :up:
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By Mariška
But this sexy nun really makes me cum... :blush:

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By t-wonderer
Savrseno izgleda. Mislim da je san svakog transvestita da ima ovakav posao :) .
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By Blady
Neverovatno koliko je androgen
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By haemoglobin
jos samo da mu srede te obrve......ruzne su, po mom misljenju

ali je na nekim fotkama bas lep
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By haemoglobin
Originally posted by LeDeNa_
Originally posted by constantine
Originally posted by LeDeNa_
Originally posted by constantine
Originally posted by haemoglobin87

jos samo da mu srede te obrve......ruzne su, po mom misljenju

to sam ja prvi rekao :D


blago njemu on ima maskaru :D
E, ali jesi u pravu...Ne znam sto mu ne pocupaju te obrve :D

Mada, ne smeta ni ovako...Ako pocupa, gde ce mi biti kraj :lol:
tebi ce biti kraj u krevetu, ali gde ce prsticima biti kraj...eee to ne smemo zamisliti :D
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