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As one of the much-awaited festival of the year, Christmas is always an occasion for people around the world tune in joyful atmosphere, full of color. To the United States in December, visitors will notice the difference in every corner, everywhere busy with a series of events celebrated Christmas and New Year.
These days in America, Christmas wallpaper full hd have flooded the streets. Variety of colorful lights, sparkling, Santa Claus, Christmas tree and garlands sparkle beam sent appearing everywhere. With first-time visitors to the United States this season, the first interesting thing that jumped out at the pristine whiteness of the snow cover all the way in New York, Philadelphia, Washington.
While in Washington, people focus light candles for Christmas trees Electric Capital giant before, then in New York, many travelers stupor before performances spectacular skating at Rockefeller. Guests will countdown to the moment 00 days 0 hours 1/1 with millions of New Yorkers in Times Square to eyes watched the glowing orb down from the top of the 23m high mast on the roof One times Square building at moment of transition between the old and the new year.
Besides a spectacular New York wallpaper full hd, Los Angels and Las Vegas welcome Christmas full of artistic performances both indoors and on the streets enough to travelers rejoiced.
Community in California also have Christmas the way his own way. Baby Jesus image and sparkling candle in front of each house makes winter wallpaper full hd in the US is not too bitter. Tourists come here to visit the relatives, was greeted with joy and strong emotions, and experiencing the relaxing moments, happy family at the leading studios in Hollywood, Shopping Center Phuoc Loc Tho, Fame ....
The shops and malls are decorated and with eye-catching red poinsettia and fir giant blue angels together pictures everywhere brilliantly. Tourists come here at Christmas not only to immerse yourself in the festive atmosphere pervades every alley, but also an opportunity for shopping delight the fashion label Dolce & Gabana reputation as Orange, Louis Vuitton , Adidas, Ann Taylor, A / X Armani Exchange, Coach, Guess, Lacoste, Polo Ralph Laure ... with special discounts from 25% - 65% of the items …
Guests do not forget to come to the Disneyland amusement park to admire the splendor, special air only once a year in this place. Guests can enjoy the festival world incarnation of classic miniature Christmas atmosphere is special, and not from impressed with dazzling decor, playful in several interesting topics. Whether to anywhere in the United States this holiday, then surely you'll find the Christmas tree and the lights and vibrant colors as never before. Come, enjoy the sights, feel the Christmas festive atmosphere of this bustling place
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