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Za novopridošle, svežeotišle i one koji su uvek tu....

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By Tungi
Duvacu mu jos dim u lice:lol:
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By unic0rn
More ima lichno da vam razbijem pushachku paradu! Parada duvanja! :smeh: :smeh:
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By Tungi
Nemoj ni na zurke ubuduce da ides:awesome:
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By unic0rn
Aint gonna happen, girrrrrlfrieeend! :shamar:

Moje pravo na alkohol je vaznije od vaseg prava na fix! :wundy: :smeh:
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By Tungi
Doci ces i ti pod kljuc i alkohol:lol:
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By voicesman
Srecan rodjis Uki :love:

a sad bitne stvari, gde je ta torta? :P
By sncbgd
Korisnikov avatar
By Casino
Unikornjacooooo :cheer:

Srecaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan :shmi:



CLICK, CLICK :giggle:
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