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By 2kune
Najnoviji LIVE dokumentarac na CNN-u! Sarajevo u Washingtonu.

(CNN) -- A gunman dressed in all black fired shots Monday inside the U.S. Navy Yard, injuring at least 10 people, according to the Navy and a Washington police spokesman.

"We believe there has been loss of life and several injuries," Pentagon spokesman George Little said. The Navy tweeted there are "several confirmed injuries with reports of fatalities."

An "active shooter" remained inside the building, the Navy said.

Helicopters hovered overhead as police with riot and SWAT team gear swarmed the scene. In one chopper, there appeared to be a police sniper peering out, with a scope at the ready.

A taj se jedan puškarač odjeven u crno izgleda multiplicirao:

Two suspected shooters "are down" at the Washington Navy Yard, according to Ed Zeigler, director of Public Affairs for Naval District Washington. Zeigler was not able to confirm whether the suspected gunmen had been taken into custody or killed.

Gledajte CNN i zgražavajte se, ovo nije tamo neka Sirija ili Balkan, ovo je centar svijeta - sam Washington!
By StephenVargas
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